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What Should I Let Henna Artist Rozine Know About My Event?

Henna artist, Rozine has done her best to make pricing and service options clear. Every party and event is a special occasion and that means circumstances are unique. Often, more contact and collaboration is needed to make sure the host and guest of honors needs are met.

In the form below, be as specific as possible in letting Rozine know:

How many guests will be attending?
How many guests will likely be interested in having henna done?
What time is the event? How long do you expect it to last?
Will the event be indoors or outdoors?
Will there be other activities at this event?
Will furniture be provided? Or, should Rozine bring tables and chairs?
Is it more important for a large number of guests to be tattooed?
Or, for fewer guests to be pampered with intricate designs?
Is the celebration themed?

Rozine will work with you to suit the needs of all attending. Sometimes a second henna artist is needed to accommodate larger parties with a short time period. Cool Henna also utilizes line assistants for maximum efficiency. Assistants answer guests questions and keep the line moving quickly.

If you have any other thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or concerns, please share in the form above.

For the most up-to-date photos of Rozine’s work, visit INSTAGRAM :: @rozine3