Cool Henna Artist Rozine

Orange County Henna Artist, Rozine:

Cool Henna Artist and Author of Spiritual Books
Author and illustrator, Rozine at Montrose ArtWalk

Rozine is an Orange County henna artist. Since she began her professional henna career in 2010, she has studied techniques in Luxor, Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt.

Rozine has also published ten books to date. The first, Live Life For A Living, is an inspirational guide encouraging an entrepreneurial lifestyle. The others are art-therapy, activity books filled with henna-inspired line art, positive affirmations, and spiritual encouragement.

Her fourth book, Mandala Meditation inspires coloring at any age, promoting peace from within while learning how to draw mandalas that range from simple to intricate. Each illustration is paired with meditative thoughts that match the symbolism used in the artwork.


What is henna?!

Henna is created naturally from the leaves of the henna plant. These are dried and then ground into a fine powder. The crushed leaves are then mixed with essential oils, lemon juice, and sucrose. Commonly used oils include Cajeput, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, and/or Lavender.

After a curing process that deepens the natural staining ability, the paste is applied to the skin. Rozine uses a freehand drawing technique.

Cool Henna by Rozine Los Angeles
Rozine helps kids pick out designs.

Henna paste dries in about 10-20 minutes. It should be left untouched for at least one hour. For the darkest stain, try to leave henna paste on for up to twelve hours!

When dry, the henna paste will start to crumble and flake off. At first, all that is seen is a light rusty colored stain. Over the next few days the designs darken. Henna stains last anywhere between one to four weeks.

Henna stains the top few layers of skin. As dead skin cells are exfoliated, the stain disappears. Chlorinated water and lotions with exfoliates or acids can dramatically shorten the life of your henna.

Moisturizing regularly with cocoa butter or henna balm can lengthen the life of henna.

Stains on course skin, like the soles of feet and palms can last up to four weeks. A design on softer skin may only show for five days.

CONTENTS in the henna used by Rozine: red henna, Lawsonia inermis, lemon juice, sucrose, and essential oils of Cajeput, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, and/or Lavender. Purchased from Henna Caravan.

Does not contain chemical dyes, PPD, preservatives or nut derivatives.

Avoid henna if you have G6PD deficiency or have been advised to avoid Fava beans, are extremely anemic, or have citrus allergies. Consult a physician if you have any concerns or are pregnant and would like to use henna.